Ideas for Out-of-the-Box Vintage Wedding Locations and Venues

After my 30+ years in the vintage world, I have had plenty of opportunity to help soon-to-be-brides pick out items from decor to dresses for their special day. Lately, while I really do adore each individual’s spin on it, I am overwhelmed with familiar locations that people consider “vintage” and get stuck on. Prime example – BARNS. I admit, even I had celebrated the happiest day of my life in a big red barn – and they ARE indeed amazing – but that was four years ago…is it still one of the latest wedding trends? It seems so to me – of course, I’m from the Midwest so Yeehaw!…maybe it’s just me?

Hence came my idea to blog about some out-of-the-box locations that would be ideal to host your vintage wedding at but often fly under the radar with not much attention being paid to them. You know what? YOU SHOULD BE PAYING ATTENTION TO THEM! Renting an unlikely space for what could cost less than you think and a bit outside of the norm may fit in perfectly with your ideal wedding day. Here’s some to think about exploring as you get ready to plan the wedding of your dreams:

o.l.d.  m.o.v.i.e.  t.h.e.a.t.e.r.s.

Yes, old movie theaters are so stunning! I am privileged to live near several of them in Michigan – one particular – the Kalamazoo State Theater – where I have seen a number of productions, played in concerts, and visited regularly is a staple in my neck of the woods. But, they really are EVERYWHERE. Many of them even plan on that extra income of private events to keep them alive and to continue playing on into the future.

The Riviera Theater in Three Rivers, Michigan is a hot spot for vintage weddings in my state

Yes, old movie theaters have details that are to die for! Often deep burgundy velvet original bucket seats, carpeted aisles, gold flourishes abound, and those heavy-duty curtains can really be played up in vintage fashion. Many of these movie theaters were built early in the 20th century and scream ART DECO. You truly can play up the theme by focusing on the decor, the history of the venue, or just by playing off using an “Old Hollywood” theme with use of a vintage cinema. Here’s are some inspirational pics from people who were smart enough to go this route. Also, they truly make for some amazing wedding photos! I hope they fill you with some #vintspiration for your wedding!


Yes, while they be a bit more spread out and few and far between, there are still many working conservatories in every state that make absolutely breathtaking scenery for your vintage wedding day! They can appeal to naturalists as they work to bring the outdoors in or those who are looking for a more modern and elegant touch. I dare say they may be a bit less “theme-ey”. Check out these stunners to engage your mind into an open and airy evening wedding under the stars or a bright bridal brunch to help celebrate your event.

A beautiful reception evening under the stars in this conservatory, the Planterra Conservatory in Michigan. 

See how it lights up the night? oh wow. Is this dreamy or what? It is also just as stunning during the day. Here’s another example:

The same conservatory as featured above, but seen just as beautiful during the daytime hours. Check out that chandelier!!!!! *gasp*

You could really play into a “fairytale” vintage theme with conservatories – they truly are stunning in every way.

Last but certainly not least you can go so vintage your past antique! You’re Renaissance! Even Midieval…no! wait…you’re PREHISTORIC! Yes…it’s….

a.r.t.  m.u.s.e.u.m.s.

Art museums are actually quite a popular venue for weddings. This would really be ideal for anyone hoping to capture a unique venue that’s goes so vintage its just plain HISTORIC. Many museums have decor besides the amazing art – they may feature water sculptures, outdoor gardens, and even dinosaur exhibits such as this one here:


Your guests will be sure to be wined and dined by your vendors at these venues but they can be tricky to navigate. Make sure to contact an inside event planner at your museum of choice who will be key in helping you pull this off successfully. Museums are open to the public, that means you will generally be on full display. However, some may close for private events and this setting proves that it’s one-of-a-kind style will be sure to go down as one of the best weddings in history. Here’s a look at a few more museum weddings:

These types of locations really can be a bit out-of-the-box when it comes to planning your vintage matrimony! Make sure to explore all your options and start early when it comes to the venues – they are sometimes booked years in advance depending on your location.

Don’t forget to drop us an email if you are interested in our getting a copy of our Vintage Wedding Guide.  You can also serve up some amazing cocktails at your soiree by checking out our Drinks of the Week. Don’t forget we are FILLED with amazing vintage wedding items in our shop, too.

Until next time…Cheers!

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