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How to Dress Gatsby Glam from Head to Toe

There are always scads of ladies after the Gatsby-inspired look for a holiday party, vintage wedding, or special event – which just goes to show that vintage is still coming out on top in fashion style. Gatsby was glamorous and luxurious, and many of the looks leave us catching ourselves wiping drool from the corner of our mouths. Part of the reason this era seems so awe-inspiring is because of one thing – the fabrics.

Fabrics during this era were gorgeous. Silk and satin, velvet and fur. Everything about them is lush and wonderful and they are most certainly head-turners.

One of the most prominent accessories during the Gatsby era were headbands.  Many ladies, as pictured below, decided to throw off their hats and dress their famous bobs up with a beaded velvet ribbon, lace scarf, or an extra accessory such as a brooch, bow, flowers, and in particular – feathers or plumes – around their foreheads and over their finger waves. This was a big trend in fashion.


Dresses should be fancy. They could also include a drop-waist cut or a dramatic design – hence the “art deco” period. Just as in the accessories – hats and jewels – dresses may be adorned in sequins and rhinestone-trimmed paisley or teardrop shapes. Mink, rabbit, or fox fur shawls and capes were of equal fashion as fringe and were certainly the first things they pulled from their closets to don to the party. Dresses didn’t only include fringes, but often satin bows and ties, and layers of lace, tulle, and silk with lots and lots of beading. Wearing sleeveless, low-cut styles was of the essence.  Notice in the example below the how the drama pours from this dress complete with art deco fine lines and beading to its deep plunging neckline. Scandalous!


Guys will want to look for fitted suits complete with matching vests, bow ties and silk scarves.  Make sure to tuck a handkerchief into your breast pocket and look for fabrics such as wool or tweed for the colder months and linens or seersuckers for the warm months. Crisp button down shirts in solid colors are ideal. If you want to wear a hat, I suggest a fedora for the occasion, but gentlemen of this era also sported straw hats with ribbons – either would be fitting for the time period. Here’s a look at a men’s tuxedo from 1935.

Go the Dapper way and pull out all the stops in fabrics to recreate this 1935 tuxedo.


For the ladies – hairstyles will help capture that flapper-esque style. I have included an easy tutorial below that you is easy to do yourself at home that also includes what products you will need to pull off this era-cinching style of the notorious fingerwave bob.

Recreate that Gatsby hair style with this easy to follow guide!

Make up was becoming an easily accessible product during this period and ladies really wanted to glam up during this era. Smoky eye-shadows, pencil-thin brows, and exaggerated deep lip colors were prominent.  Look below to show how to get a smoky-eye look step by step.


Make sure to wear shoes that includes straps. T-straps, ankle straps, or Mary Janes were a popular style during this period. Guys look for patent leather loafers or two-toned lace ups.

Don’t forget to see all of our products in our Great Gatsby Collection that pulled together will help your vintage event arrive in perfect style.

By utilizing these tips in dressing for a Gatsby-inspired party, you will be sure to be the bell of the ball, and most certainly era-specific and appropriate!

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  1. I love this! My hair is finally bobbed. But not really long enough for the waves yet. I would really like to try This! Thank you for the tips & tricks doll💋❤


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