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Drink of the Week: The Grand Mimosa

Mimosa’s are ideal to share over a bridal brunch, girly get-together, or on the morning of your wedding day. I prefer to drink them on Saturday mornings while scrolling through Instagram  – the day that me and my household have all committed to it being our “off” day where we wake up slow and take it easy after working hard all week. (No noise before 10 am!)

The “Grand” Mimosa puts a bit of a spin on the classic recipe that makes it ideal for a celebration. Here is what you need to bring it together:

  • Original Grand Marnier (orange)
  • Prosecco or Champagne
  • Orange Juice
  • Strawberries


Begin this sweet and fruity cocktail with .5 oz of Grand Marnier in each champagne flute. Add 3 oz. of chilled Prosecco (I personally recommend using as opposed to champagne, however either one works perfectly) pour on the orange juice (I love Simply Orange) and garnish with a strawberry on each glass rim. This is the perfect drink to help you wake up and take in the moment.


Make sure to follow my blog for weekly cocktail recipes and so much more! Cheers!

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