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FREE GUIDE: E-Guide Now Available on How to Host a Vintage Wedding

For anyone looking to help a future vintage-loving bride-to-be, this is a great guide to help the novice wedding planner get started on wanting to implement a vintage theme to their celebration.

After working in the authentic vintage industry for over 30 years I have put together three of my best tips I learned through my experiences to help direct anyone looking to add a retro flare to their big day in a quick and short FREE guide.

This guide will help give you some fast tips to help you begin envisioning how to pull your wedding together. This is ideal for any one who can’t afford to hire a personal stylist, wedding planner, or event coordinator and one who is hosting a wedding on a budget.

To get your FREE copy of my guide “How to Host a Vintage Wedding” just drop me a line by sending me an email HERE. And put “I WANT MY FREE GUIDE” in the subject line. This is a downloadable PDF so you can start implementing my tips right away.

I hope this guide gives you some amazing #vintspiration on how to pull together your perfect party. If you know someone else who may enjoy this guide, please feel free to share it.

Until next time, Cheers!


*photo courtesy of Brooke Mayo Photography

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